Inspire Pictures aims to create the best and extraordinary contents starting from web series, virtual concerts, movies, and other creative related contents.


    Inspire Digital is the sub business unit of Inspire IDN which will activate and enhance our holding’s ecosystem.


    With 15 years of team experience, we specialize in making events with diverse concepts and backgrounds. Flexible with clients’ age groups/target market | Flexible audience scales | Develop an IP/product through events organizing.


    We specialize to reshape and reconstruct the client’s image with the help of our top Indonesian artists and influencers. Inspire Talent Management is the professional representative and advisor to help build artists’ careers and get their advertisements and many other opportunities. We envision ourselves to turn artists from zero to hero.


    Specializes in creating music and making it exclusive: Works with many talented publishers in the Music & Entertainment Business | Create appealing and professional sound-song arrangement | Develop and compose the top-notch version of the music.


    Our main focus is to develop Indonesia’s new rising stars | Talent Scouting | Music Intellectual Property Management (DSP, RBT, VAS Content) | a well-rounded label record that will focus on music production for the artists and also for Original SoundTracks (OST).

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